Complex & Specialty Fertilizers

Complex and specialty fertilizers are both tailor-manufactured for the specific needs of particular crops.

Complex fertilizers, either NPs or NPKs, offer a number of advantages, economic savings being one: with just a single application, all required nutrients find their way into the soil and to the plant.

Trammo takes pride in a long history of supplying all the raw materials required to various NPK producers and in turn off-taking their final products. The company has successfully introduced NPKs in various markets, handling public relations and branding, as well as marketing activities. Furthermore, we have in-depth expertise in operating our own bulk blending plant and fertilizer compaction unit.

In addition to complex (chemically blended) products and bulk blends, Trammo also trades in steam granulated fertilizers, which can be considered as hybrids: various ground fertilizers are physically mixed and the resulting blend is formed into granules with the help of steam, whereby each granule contains all nutrients. We gladly assist our customers in selecting the most cost-effective solution, including the right nutrient ratio. If bagged NPKs are required, Trammo can offer various sizes and options, including special bag marks.

Many of our business partners rely on us to take care of the entire supply chain management: from factory to warehouse to loading on the ship, and to the point of destination. Our chartering and logistics departments will chose among the available means of transportation (truck, railcar, ocean-going vessel, barge) the one that is best-suited to lifting the products where they become available and to delivering them to where they are needed. Where demand of small volumes needs to be satisfied, we are happy to supply NPKs in container loads.

Thanks to Trammo‚Äôs global network and our widespread relationships in the marketplace, we are able to source and market specialty fertilizers in the nutrient ratio that customers require and wherever this makes most economic sense. With a rapidly expanding product portfolio, from bulk to bags, from macro to micro nutrients, from traditional to technologically advanced, from inorganic to organic, from solid to liquid, from ag to industrial, Trammo can meet virtually all our customers’ specialty needs, either by direct shipment or through our various warehouses. Our in-house chartering department and our container-specialized operations people will deliver the products to where they are needed.