Phosphate-based Fertilizers

Besides nitrogen and potassium, phosphorus is a vital mineral source in the development of plants and vegetation, greatly supporting photosynthesis as well as improving plants’ resistance to pests and adverse weather conditions.

Trammo’s portfolio of phosphate-based fertilizers includes mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP), di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), various grades of ammo- and nitrophosphates (NP), triple super phosphate (TSP), and single super phosphate (SSP).

Trammo offers our business partners its expertise throughout the entire supply chain, from origination, transportation, and logistics to marketing and delivery. Thanks to our extensive storage and warehousing network, we are able to supply customers with phosphate fertilizers where and when needed.

Trammo’s ability to source phosphates from nearly every producer in the world gives our customers the best access to competitive prices and the highest quality products available. In addition, our services extend to various financing and pricing mechanisms not available from other suppliers.

Trammo’s dedication to excellence does not stop at merely buying or selling products. We also seek to provide services at the highest level. Our global knowledge of the fertilizers and commodities markets is coupled with a local presence: our worldwide locations allow for decentralized operational activities which are tailored to meet the local needs of our business partners. Whether you are looking to place a spot cargo, are in need of a long-term off-take partner, or require product in large or small-sized cargoes, we have top quality services at our fingertips.

Due to the reliable support through our Shanghai Representative Office Trammo has developed an excellent cooperation with selected phosphate producers in China and markets high quality phosphate products worldwide. Accordingly Trammo established a strong footprint in the major Asian phosphate markets and was among the first independent trading companies to introduce Chinese phosphate products to the U.S. market.

We receive annual supplies of various phosphate products in either vessel or river barge quantities, which are sold both in the domestic U.S. and international fertilizer markets. Our Eastern U.S. distribution network is supported by our Fairless Hills terminals where Trammo traditionally enjoys a unique, competitive and independent presence with its phosphate products. Trammo also purchases U.S. domestic phosphates under spot or long-term supply contracts from North American producers. 

Both the United States and Europe represent important distribution markets for Trammo. In recent years, we have strengthened our logistics capabilities by expanding our storage network in these markets, bringing the number of locations where we hold leased warehouse space to approximately 35.