Nitrogen-based Fertilizers

As one of the leaders in this industry, we are able to procure fertilizers from many producers in the world, which gives our customers access to competitive pricing and the highest quality of product available. We offer our business partners expertise throughout the entire supply chain, from origination, transportation, and logistics to marketing and delivery. An extensive network of warehouses and storage areas in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa allows us to position product and satisfy demand when and wherever it arises, and in volumes which are more economical to store than to transport.

Trammo’s portfolio of nitrogen-based fertilizer products is diverse and includes the following:

  • Agricultural ammonium nitrate (A/N)
  • Ammonium sulfate (A/S)
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)
  • Urea
  • Urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN)
  • and special variations thereof

We continuously monitor global fertilizer availability and, depending on market conditions, provide the optimal supply solution to our customers, in line with timing, cost, quality, and value. While the majority of deliveries are in bulk, upon customer request, Trammo can arrange for fertilizers to be packed in bags, for example in 50- or 500-kg (“big bags”) polypropylene and polyethylene bags.

We take care of the entire logistics chain – from factory to warehouse to onboard the ship to the point of destination. We make use of every means of transportation available, be it truck, railcar, ocean-going or coastal vessel, or barge. Whether in bulk or in bags, we make sure that the goods are lifted where they become available and delivered where they are needed. Where demand of small volumes needs to be satisfied, we are happy to supply our fertilizer products in container loads. In the case of liquid fertilizers like urea ammonium nitrate solution, we have in-depth experience in the supply of product in flexi-tanks (hermetically sealed flexible bags that can hold up to 24 metric tons of product and which are stuffed into 20 foot containers).

If fertilizers need to be delivered by sea, Trammo’s chartering department will charter the most suitable ship to bring the product to its destination.

Furthermore, we have accumulated considerable experience in tolling agreements in multiple areas. As such, manufacturers of ammonium sulfate, for example, may find it more convenient to have Trammo supply the raw material (ammonia and sulfuric acid) and also take receipt of the finished goods. Another aspect that sets Trammo apart from many of our competitors is our excellent knowledge with regard to compacted ammonium sulfate. 

We are regularly the business partner of choice for urea manufacturers seeking a reliable counterparty for long-term off-take agreements, for the entire output of a plant or a part thereof. These off-take contracts are often the basis for project financing, based on Trammo’s strong balance sheet. Being one of the largest fertilizer and fertilizer raw material trading companies, we take pride in accounting for approx. 10.0% of the total sea-borne trade of urea. In 2015, Trammo sold 4.2 million metric tons of urea worldwide.

We are a major participant in the international and U.S. domestic trade of urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution, a liquid nitrogen fertilizer. We trade in key international UAN markets, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Benelux, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Sourcing of the product is predominately from the former Soviet Union (FSU), North Africa, and Eastern Europe as well as from U.S. producers.

Emerging markets are important consumers of fertilizers, with many obtaining their supply contract bids on a competitive tender basis. The ability to work with suppliers in order to source products on conditional terms, contingent upon being awarded contracts, has enabled Trammo to achieve a strong market position within the industry.