About Us

For the thousands of farmers across Azerbaijan, Aqro-Nur LLC is a name synonymous with prosperity and vision. As Azerbaijan’s fertilizer brand, Aqro-Nur LLC has developed an endearing relationship with all stakeholders across Azerbaijan and CIS agricultural landscape, particularly with generations of farmers who have trusted our brands for more than decades.

We began our business in fertilizers in 2011 and are today one of the Azerbaijan’s largest independent fertilizer trading companies.

Over the many years of our existence, Aqro-Nur LLC has developed customer base and an extensive network with strong long-term relationships. Many of our customers entrust us with their diverse requirements, thereby enabling us to combine many products in one single cost-efficient supply. Likewise, we seek to combine multiple product requirements from one and the same origin or instead to one and the same destination in one shipment, with the target of providing our business partners with a competitive package.

Aqro-Nur LLC listens to its consumers, introducing novel lines of products addressing local soil and crop needs. For farmers, Aqro-Nur LLC has been a friend and helping hand who cares for farmer education, better yields and sustainability.

We offer our business partners the pricing structure that suits their needs best. A price fixed on the spot offers the advantage of eliminating any price uncertainty – our business counterparts know what to expect. Often, however, particularly for contracts with execution spread over a longer period of time, a tailored price formula may serve the interests of our business partners better: they benefit from a pre-defined calculation, yet future market trends are reflected in the pricing.